• Made of either stainless steel or plain steel
  • Stainless steel is polished
  • Custom sizes to fit your application
  • All shelves are custom made
Unit of Measure

N/A To order, please supply the following information:

  1. Dimensions (A) depth and (B) width (see below)
  2. Standard duty or heavy duty
    • Standard duty 1/4" frame - 1/8" wires
    • Heavy duty 3/8" frame - 3/16" wires
  3. Stainless steel or plain steel
    • If plain steel, epoxy coating (pick black or white)
  4. Additional options:
    • Extra strength such as additional support bars, bridging, and bends
    • Construction options such as cut-outs, feet, turn-ups, back stops, or special configuration

Wire Shelves - 2


N/A Feel free to send drawings and dimensions of your needs.